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Friday, September 25, 2009

what on earth??!!

crap!! my 1st day exam was so bad!! i was so mad. urm yesterday 24th ;) supposed my english paper.
but d venue has not been set yet. me n my other friends went to d department to get our sit number n class. what a mess when we get there, its like a thousands of birds were waitin to be feed. we get there by 8.35am but we finally were given d class at 9 sumtin. my internal body parts were shakin as im so scared couldnt make it to d class in tyme. i kept prayin to do not sit d exam together wit izanee in 1 class n so armi too. anyway, finally at 9.32am we began to answer d paper till 12.32pm. it was a straight damn hard fuckin hour to be wait! why on earth is dat subject get so tough than b4?


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