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Friday, February 19, 2010


off blogging. 
hate u pempuan. mcm sial. sori sgt.
lelaki, aku akan stay away.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i am missing the life of Nilai ):

ohh-kayy only got just few days more to leave my beloved nilai.
i am so goin to miss u sygg. n leave all those sweet n bitters over here.
dis sem was rili sucks. fights, boyfrens, studies, families, roommates,
lawrians, stupid fb.
yet still laughing like insane girl when hepiness came across me.
alya ov at naj's house. so do saps. dowg g pavi td.
i shuld've joined them together, but i didnt do so.
well, my last exam paper end up at 11am td!!

hell yeah im  goin to make my lyf blast til death.
so damn hepi.
n td nmpk syaman n andre.
the more i wanted to avoid him, more accidently-meet happened. derrrr...
hee rndu tgk nyahh wink wink**

i dun wan to leave this room , B2-2-3
dis is my life. my world, my sleep, my food dat keep feeding me each day.
n gudluck fer ur soca paper tomoro.
if u read dis, u know who ur,

n shut*!! i cant stop drinkin coke today.
d addiction again n again overwhelmed me!
COKE, ur d air dat keep breathin me. hahaha****

fuck sial. i miss my old lyf!!
i miss along, abah, angah n so do k,lang.
miss when d tyme we gathered, we laughed, we cried.
but those will be  framed nicely in a very far place cos d truth is still
we r no longer in dat way. 

n if siakap taw, i rili miss u. 
i think im fallin fer u.
stop. off to bed.
muahxx! xoxo


esok exam. i feel bad.
stdy ta abes lg.. lots to read..
u go girl! n im truly sori sygss.
aku ta pat join kowg sok ke pavi,.
saps, alya n naj.. i rili wanted to go. but sumtin has stop me to do so.
sori sgtt..
n aku td bole nanges gle pasal encip siakap.
shut. pls ckp im not fallin fer u.
im so damn missing u syg. 
off to cry n off to bed. 
niway, haha andre ngokngek lah.
nyte you olls!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

losing focus

haish. okeyy las nyte ov kt mcd.
nawaitu nk stdy tp ta menjadi.
lots of distraction.
great nyte. 
apew da jd, its just so beautiful.
smlm lunch kt oldtown yg baru bukak kt giant. wahaha
wit gafur, f, n fezol hady.
lots of laugh, fun. lousy dats us.
tp at d same tyme, broken-hearted still.
y? maybe Allah jew yg taw.
abah, imy alottt..
nana balek dis weekend n gonna be ur patner at home fer 3 weeks time.
gosh, aku betol2 fall in luv ngn kaw kew?
impossible la weyh.
myb aku patot anggap nh as sumtin normal.
but i couldnt. always lose in dis battle ble nk fight my feelins over u. i nid u.
wanna be in ur hug ferever.
but d truth was there dat he wasnt mine.
im scared of facin u cos im scared of fallin fer u n i might lose u sumday.
aniway thanks to andre sbb aja aku mam menda bukan2 kt mcd smlm. haha
dats all fer today. 
selamat tengahari sume.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

sick of u. siyesly.

tyme aku nk buat bek, kaw plak bg statement bengang2
weyh aku ta mkn kwn taw.
kalaw da jntn tuh yg tanak kt kaw, i cn do notin.
pk sendiri lah weyh. 
kaw buat aku jd lg benci la ngek.
well, smlm anta alya. rndu sgt kt kaw

Friday, February 12, 2010


y is evry1 is going home. derrrrr...

yayy but notin is wasted. im gonne stdy fer d whole week. aiceh.. hahah

All those IRK student balek. excppt anis tikah n tymah. 
glad shes goin home soon. just cnt take alook 
at u fer along tyme. it annoys me.

abah, i'l be back nx week after my last paper okayy.\
1 paper to go dad! ITIL.

n im goin to miss alya alot.. shes goin home dis evening wit zoro. muahx
 lapa. blah r.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just wanna get away from lyf. i mean normal lyf people!!

okey, start from kes zoro. n gado wit munawar. n gado wit ob. n so him too.
aku nk lepaskn zoro dr haty, but its difficult to do. he has sum1 new,
then y shuld i bother rite?
n i do thnk now dat syaman is a nice guy. tp milik yani lah pulak.
oh-kayy, just fren then
n i dunno bout my relationship wit nazrin.
aku cm da tade feelin. dam heartless.
n omg. aku rndu zoro!! fuck deep inside!
n skrg exam weeks. urgh tough!!
somehow nk give up jew. but stdy wil bring me sumwhere
dats fer sure.
focus nana!! focus nana!! n awinh farok treat me dinner. thanks abg!!

okey sleeping beauty tyme. nyte2!!
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