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Thursday, February 18, 2010

i am missing the life of Nilai ):

ohh-kayy only got just few days more to leave my beloved nilai.
i am so goin to miss u sygg. n leave all those sweet n bitters over here.
dis sem was rili sucks. fights, boyfrens, studies, families, roommates,
lawrians, stupid fb.
yet still laughing like insane girl when hepiness came across me.
alya ov at naj's house. so do saps. dowg g pavi td.
i shuld've joined them together, but i didnt do so.
well, my last exam paper end up at 11am td!!

hell yeah im  goin to make my lyf blast til death.
so damn hepi.
n td nmpk syaman n andre.
the more i wanted to avoid him, more accidently-meet happened. derrrr...
hee rndu tgk nyahh wink wink**

i dun wan to leave this room , B2-2-3
dis is my life. my world, my sleep, my food dat keep feeding me each day.
n gudluck fer ur soca paper tomoro.
if u read dis, u know who ur,

n shut*!! i cant stop drinkin coke today.
d addiction again n again overwhelmed me!
COKE, ur d air dat keep breathin me. hahaha****

fuck sial. i miss my old lyf!!
i miss along, abah, angah n so do k,lang.
miss when d tyme we gathered, we laughed, we cried.
but those will be  framed nicely in a very far place cos d truth is still
we r no longer in dat way. 

n if siakap taw, i rili miss u. 
i think im fallin fer u.
stop. off to bed.
muahxx! xoxo


N.R.B.R said...

is SHAMAN bdk HS???

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