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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just wanna get away from lyf. i mean normal lyf people!!

okey, start from kes zoro. n gado wit munawar. n gado wit ob. n so him too.
aku nk lepaskn zoro dr haty, but its difficult to do. he has sum1 new,
then y shuld i bother rite?
n i do thnk now dat syaman is a nice guy. tp milik yani lah pulak.
oh-kayy, just fren then
n i dunno bout my relationship wit nazrin.
aku cm da tade feelin. dam heartless.
n omg. aku rndu zoro!! fuck deep inside!
n skrg exam weeks. urgh tough!!
somehow nk give up jew. but stdy wil bring me sumwhere
dats fer sure.
focus nana!! focus nana!! n awinh farok treat me dinner. thanks abg!!

okey sleeping beauty tyme. nyte2!!


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