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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

losing focus

haish. okeyy las nyte ov kt mcd.
nawaitu nk stdy tp ta menjadi.
lots of distraction.
great nyte. 
apew da jd, its just so beautiful.
smlm lunch kt oldtown yg baru bukak kt giant. wahaha
wit gafur, f, n fezol hady.
lots of laugh, fun. lousy dats us.
tp at d same tyme, broken-hearted still.
y? maybe Allah jew yg taw.
abah, imy alottt..
nana balek dis weekend n gonna be ur patner at home fer 3 weeks time.
gosh, aku betol2 fall in luv ngn kaw kew?
impossible la weyh.
myb aku patot anggap nh as sumtin normal.
but i couldnt. always lose in dis battle ble nk fight my feelins over u. i nid u.
wanna be in ur hug ferever.
but d truth was there dat he wasnt mine.
im scared of facin u cos im scared of fallin fer u n i might lose u sumday.
aniway thanks to andre sbb aja aku mam menda bukan2 kt mcd smlm. haha
dats all fer today. 
selamat tengahari sume.


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