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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

its 81st entry of mine. welcome to my world, nana.

wattahell aku bukak dat BC n his gal punya page thru anis punye fb
dats just made me sad evenmore.
i dun want to, just try to make my life gud with their existance.
the truth is, im hurt. too much.
mom, i think i wanna be wit u.
not in cruel world anymore.
i love u. but ur not.
i aint no cry. but im feeling stupid n disturbed.
is dat how far u hate me n u want me to be sad?
just honest wit me. i accept heartfully.
i need u. im searhing fer u, n dats what i do til now.
but u aint feel me or feel the existance of me.
i hope u do.
as fren shuld be.


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