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Saturday, May 1, 2010

mcm kambeng bulu2

rindu keparat.
nk pelok bole?
awinh awi jd rubyyy!!! hee
slmat menjadi tua robie!
nnty kita kawen cepat2
bole dpt rumah kelamin! wehaa
tp aku tade calon uia.
ptus harapan.
cari umah sendiri lah maknenye.
nk org tuh balek bole?
yg sy nmpk dan teserempak smpai 3 kali tuh...
siakap stim sedap lah td


Anonymous said...

Nana, nie syakeer, igt ker tak entah, tp well, after reading ur posts, stres kan plural tu! Not just a post tau, so dptlah tau byk citer psl BC tu. Well kesian kat nana, tp ble sorg laki maki a girl, dat's a very bad sign of Mr. Right. U know wut, to me and everyone else is, YOU!! are ok, plus friendly and cheery personality. Isnt that what every guy likes, ok2 kalo bkn sume pun, MOSTlah kan!! despite whatever words he used to insult u before. Dun be too BC-centred, maksudnye jgn asyik pikir psl die. We are still young and insya-Allah we will still have a lot of time to do things that we want to tp com'on lah girl, u have ntg to lose, if u have tried to get close to him and he threw u away like a piece of rubbish, it's ok. Who doesnt experience a heart break?! Everyone does. Am not brave like u coz i tak seberani u nk citer kt org i like dis girl or wut, that's the reason i dun have a gf right now,*tkot terluka. So yela, I have to congrat u btw, sbb ade kekuatan lg tok tempuhi semuanye. Ol da best to u nana. U might have lost him but u never lose the friends who always treasure u. Salam. *sorry pjg gle lak nasihat i nie.. ;p

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