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Thursday, July 15, 2010

selamat selamat.

hello world!

hee. rasanya suda agak lama sy mengdelete-kan blog ini, tp i choose to re-open it. well im sorry dude,
i did told yeah i already deleted it. but from what you can see right now, it is still exist. i don't care anymore if you text to my phone again and ask me to delete it or stop talking bout yeah, to re-consider it, hey YOU!, its my blog.then why should i do what you ask me to?

kalau da benci, jgn lah baca blog sy. betul ta? so, you dont have to bother my words, my mocks , my hate-ness and especially my stuff. all of it. please stay away! basically, im re-opening it because i do still think this my best blog. semua yg sy carut, sy marah, sy ta puas hati, semua ada kat sini. maaf kalau sy masih bercerita tentang kamu, kamu dan kamu juga,. dan sy ta kan bercerita kalau tak ada cerita. betul kan?
if org bercerita, sy suka jd pendengar. HAHA. oops!

dan kamu janganlah asyik terasa yg kamu femes sampai ter-perasan sy mengutuk kamu, sbb dalam entry sy ta semestinya tentang kamu. apa yg dikongsi dalam entry ini adalah apa yg sy lalui setiap hari. dan to be paling honest , sy suka bila blog ini kembali exist! dan sy minta maaf awal-awal kalaw anda bertuah untuk tersenarai dalam entry sy! ILOVEYOU.

yeah thats for you , L!


HAHAHAHAHHA. welcome again peeps!


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