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Monday, January 11, 2010

lyf had broke me down

i miss u dad. alott.
awinh dmm n wutsoever things hppnd!
najwa gave me sumtin dat fer at least had a lil smile in my face
she bought it from LONDON bebehh!! thankssalott naj!! ily!

pantsi keychain from la senza!!
n today fever came to me n said he wanna b wit me.
i kinda lost my voice a bit. headache.
havent completed yet my essay dat supposed to hand in today to mdm zubaidah.
im sorry mdm.
well, dat guy did text me tnye ; 'nana da mam?'
kinda shocked coz i thought he was damn mad at me yesterday.
but thank God if u're okey now.
n i miss hazim
d question is ; y shuld i?
he makes u feel zero
he never ever think a second of u
but if hes hepi wit his lyf now,
i shall be hepi too.
gud day n fer coming days to u hazim
ibu, nana miss u alott.
but rite now,
im so down fer lyf.


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