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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what a day in my lyf!!

10 am
went to lib sign attndance for ITIL class
madam maryam cant came to teach us,shes sick
bfast, nmpk zoro.. awwww.. (^ .^)

fim ohh-keyy lahh

crap!!! arbic clasc til 6! bengang btl.
damn bored. taw2 masok kelas ad kuiz.
stdy arab mcm nk pecah otak n buat latihan fer final exam.!!
susah gler babi!!
im so givin up dat tyme.

n td buat kes GPL.
susah.. madam.. we rili dunno how to do it.
pecah otak nana, aimi n alya.
wanda wasnt here.

n army plak tanak p kelas writing sok!! urghh
he drives me crazy!!!!
nana pon ta siap lg essay.. sokay..
pls come to class army.. plsss plssss(air liur kua2 sebott ssss)
bed tyme nana! 
leave evrytin to d bedside.
lights off!! 
nyte. muahx muahx! ily zoro. imy


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