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Friday, May 21, 2010

today is the day =.=

las nite b4 sleep me n izzul did text each other. hey you, i love ur bieber's fringe!
at 1st hes a rili a guy dat made to kick his ass in FACEBOOK. all he knows, cari gado. HAHA.
okeyyokeyy. n dunno we suddenly changing our phone's number last two days..
n kami mula text. n we started as frens. He owned MURNI. well, dat was his girl
n fer sure, i never want to start things all over again like what have happened between me n syahman.
im happy with my lyf rite now.
i do enjoy praying God.
the calmness n all relief dat i seek.
well, me n him talked about french kisses. HAHA.
weird things. talked about clothes la. ape la..
n a nite wish after that.
i woke up dis morning, received a msg from wati.
ask me to company her to hospital.
im worry fer u baby. mat God bless evrything.
n certainly, me hope ur doin fine.

i did text you few times this morning lady. n not even once you reply me.
where have you been? cant get this worry out of my head.
n pg ts misha text me. hey NANA! esok jom g saloon!
HAHA. this pretty taw nk enjoy saja.
me too nk pergi saloon.
HAIR TREATMENT. thats wht i shuld have done since early.
my hair was so bad! like wht i stated on my FB status last week ;
haha. ohh-kayy. n i do remember andre said, u shuld have wear tudung.
ur maybe right.but mmg da lame aku asyik color rambot.
from black, to medium brown, to mahogany, to burgundy to black n now burgundy back.

hey2 just got msg dr ruby td.
n 2nd msg from izzul!
says ; b, i miss u.
aww.. tears tears. HAHA
Its been a very long time not even one man said that to me.
im touched! a moment dat i've been waitin so far ; 
my dad said, if i managed to pointer of 3, he will support my hair treatment.
may Allah bless. pls.

n teringat kisah awan told me yesterday,
nana, pj ta best! we cant even wear cardigan!
omg. dis is joke right? well then, wht am i goin to wear when i get there!
going to persuade dad to buy an abaya.
i rili wan to own one!
pls dadddd.. ):
n suddenly all the memories of nilai breaks in my mind
ive been thru a very hard time last sem.
tragicly ended in a relationship of some friends.
i hope everything will heal soon. pls. i cant bear this sadness anymore
im just mistake-ful girl. always ferget those advices that actly supposed to guide me well.

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