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Friday, May 21, 2010

what the hell with u freak

okey.. i tend to get so upset n self breakdown. i try to expect my pointer 3, but it went a lil bit low than that.
sgt sdey menangis depan abah td.

abah ; da check? dapat brape?
me ; less than 3! i try so hard to get 3.sob3..*nanges.
abah ; haa. mesti ad mistake sumwhere lah tuh. mende2 mcm nh bukan bole hafal2 jew. kine blaja dan faham.
me ; sob3 *nanges lg
abah ; kan abah da ckp, blaja adek. blaja. tp adek tanak denga abah ckp.
me ; tp nana yakin da buat terbaek to get 3
abah ; hurmm..

okeyyy. so, i took bathe, siap2 tunggu wati dtg to lepak-ing.
i screwed up every effort that i made.
im so upset. i wont update my FB status fer one week. nk puasa FACEBOOK.
aclty, my result was okayy than any others. rili. trust me.
cume, kecewe sbb ta dpt 3. dissapoint me alot.
with all black suits, from my jeans to my shirts n cardigan, ALL BLACK,
its a mourning moment fer myself.
tengs MADAM SERY. i do still appreciate all ur taughts..
and ntah what i babbled to waty . she hears every  mock from me.
angry. mad. insane, shouting. crazy. 

jalan2 then kami beli coke.
wati - VANILLA 
all  the way, me mock, talking bad. but we did laugh together.
i love you norazwati zainal abidin. u always there ur in need.
sembang then we TALKED ABOUT WHITE VIVA. shit.
fuck up like seriously. how damn i hate WHITE VIVA. 
n theres suddenly like LOTS of VIVA..
haish. it reminds me of trip to PD.
n damn scared when me read a news about how WHITE VIVA  
crashed all the way long at PD Highway.
the memories of him n me came back to tears me .
we did passed over dat road. n thank God.
we were having a safe journey during that time.
ohh-kay, what the babi am i talking about HIM!.
ferget it nana. im doing fine. *eleh yeke fine?
hasnt he accused u fer something u didnt do? u SHOULD HATE him.**
okeyy. im not that bad.
i dont hate u. i just wan u to realize what is right n what is wrong
u will realize it one day. me sure. 
once again. ALLAH knows the TRUTH.
i bet that time i will not have a single sympathy towards you. HOPEFULLY.

huh.. this is it. the MOMENTS,
why is it some people bother if their friend starts to like a very long page?
u feel annoyed? ouh there are people who just more annoyed to you.
u guys pon kejap lagi like2 mende tuh jgk?
ta ke nyemakkan org laen punya home kt FB jugak?
shit. i give fuckin damn to these people.
buat saket mate orgg taw! bukan sbb all the long pages that they like,
tp saket mate look at u guys punye status.
freaking foo. fuhh fuhh.*tiup org2 itu.

well sy sdg BERKABUNG kerana terlalu sdey. marah sgt.
tp nana bersyukur nana LULUS.
syukran ya ALLAH.
few pics crazy ones. happykan diri.
boo boo. perasan. so aku peduli?

p/s. I LOVE YOU. (:


bellalunatic said...

u still thinking when ur suppose not-about him.
but glad to know there's always someone that keep u company..leh sumpah2 strong nana, as much as u use to okay? :)

Banana Pie said...

i will bel. no more him in my life. but theres time i cant stop my tears from going down when he suddenly came to mind

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