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Monday, June 28, 2010

i shouldnt have cried.

to be honest, my tears are going out again. god tell me why. have i much been thinking of it lately?
for god sake i wish i could collect all my tears n show it to you how much have ive suffered this far.
maaf. i need to study, somehow my focus lose to my anger itself. i thought by moving to somewhere else will get me to over you, truth is, i am still not. am i biatch? do i need to suffer n breakdown this much? or its just only me who cannot get over you? or am i seriously injured in my heart? you guys know nothing , denga pembohongan n pura-pura dia n accused me fer everything, i wish God will show you the truth. All of you - the people that had been lied by that man. i am hurt i wish you know that.. n cure me god. needing you.


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